Matterport Cameras Can Help You Improve Your Property Claims Management Process

by | Jun 24, 2022 | Insurance, Insurance Claims

Claims-handling efficiency is critical for lowering costs and running a viable business in today’s insurance market.

You can use a Matterport camera for the following:

Improve claim accuracy and speed
Reduce the time it takes to handle claims and dramatically enhance payout accuracy. Adjusters can trade traditional information-gathering tactics like 2D pictures and hand measurements for more efficient, precise, and cost-effective alternatives. For example, adjusters may examine a full 3D model of the loss from their desks after a few hours of scanning.

Remotely control
With Matterport, junior personnel may scan a property so that more senior and experienced adjusters can focus on high-value work, adjusting claims, instead of traveling frequently.

Cut down on fraud and abuse
Whether you’re an adjuster, a service provider, or a restoration contractor scanned the loss, Matterport 3D models are machine-made and an unbiased source of truth, with no room for human manipulation. In addition, photos and measurements are time-stamped and admissible in court, removing the chance of fraud and misuse.

Aaraya Claims | Matterport Cameras Can Help You Improve Your Property Claims Management Process

Boost operational transparency
Share a confidential link to a Matterport 3D model to help with cooperation and communication among the many players involved in a claim.

Improve adjusting quality
Having your most experienced adjusters evaluate or just review the claim increases quality. In addition, the ability to remotely navigate the loss using a 3D model rather than hundreds of individual images, along with precise property measurements, enables unrivaled quality assurance.

Boost client satisfaction
Using 3D models in claims management dramatically reduces claims cycle times, benefiting the carrier and contractor working on the claim and allowing people to get back on their feet sooner. Furthermore, using cutting-edge technology to precisely document property damage assures policyholders that their insurer is doing all possible to provide them with a fair settlement.

Remote risk management
Save money by not outsourcing or sending a risk analyst to a location. Risk analysts may save significant time when generating inspection reports and risk mitigation suggestions for commercial and high-net-worth buildings. With Matterport 3D models, risk analysts may revisit and examine a location as often as necessary while effortlessly collaborating with underwriting and agents.

Efficiency of re-inspection
Carriers can now not focus resources on the number of claims requiring re-inspection appropriately. Matterport 3D models provide rapid traversal of loss areas and can improve efficiency in deciding which losses require physical re-inspection.

Improve the reaction to catastrophic events
Access the network of thousands of Matterport Service Providers throughout the U.S. and worldwide to build trustworthy 3D models during CAT events when in-house field adjustment teams are stretched thin.