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Most people are in the dark about their insurance policy – believing they’ll be covered no matter the circumstances – only to find out the hard way that it’s not so comprehensive.

Challenging the Insurance world by providing a place of knowledge and trust.

The Best In The Business.

Here at Aaraya Claims, we operate on the concept that Florida’s diverse collection of luxury properties, vehicles and aircraft, points to one main need: for a fair and just approach to insurance claims.

Founded in a region notorious for its high risk of natural disasters like tropical storms, floods, fires and hurricanes, Aaraya Claims has become a trusted advocate for policyholders who have incurred property damage to their property, homes, and businesses.

But that’s not all we do – we also adjust claims for those assets that other public adjusters won’t: Luxury Yachts, Aircraft, and Luxury Cars.

What’s more?

We also assist those with open claims, those with denied claims, and those with underpaid claims.

Whether it’s for luxury home insurance, luxury vehicle insurance, RV or yacht claims – Aaraya Claims are the public adjusters that work the claim on your side. Advocating for our clients is the cornerstone of our service, to put the right indemnity in the right hands.

Experts You Can Count On.

Our seasoned team of licensed public adjusters have represented and settled hundreds of property insurance claims on behalf of property owners. With extensive experience in insurance policy review, estimating, and negotiations we will assist you in getting your full indemnity for damages.

We’re also fully licensed by the state of Florida, Iowa, Idaho, Montana, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Utah, South Dakota, South Carolina and Colorado.


Policyholders who use a public adjuster typically increase claims by 150-734%.

Unlike insurance agencies, we won’t reduce you to just another number in the filing system. We put a human face to insurance claims, and before you file a claim for damage on a property, vehicle, boat or aircraft, you can hire our public adjusters to work the claim on your side.

The reality is insurance companies send out their own adjusters to complete an inspection for a reason: it works in their favor. Insurers are biased, and their adjusters work in the best interests of the insurance company. They dictate how much your claim is worth – typically leaving you out of pocket, even when you should be owed 5x the amount.

We recognize unfair and unjust practices and go above and beyond to assist our clients.

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We’ve got your back, no matter the situation.

Our insurance professionals have managed and negotiated claims for nearly every type of disaster – man made and natural. With our local approach and nation-wide reach, we have an unparalleled network of expert resources to efficiently mobilize and be on your side when it matters most.

We’ll approach every claim from a position of advocacy and defense, handling every step of the process to get you the maximum of indemnity you are entitled to from your policy.