Information About Florida Roofing Insurance Coverage

by | Jun 10, 2022 | Insurance

Every day, you confront several dangers as a roofer or roofing contractor. A single mishap on a ladder or atop a client’s roof might result in terrible injuries and cause you to lose your job. Roofing is a hazardous profession. Approximately 29.9 deaths per 100,000 full-time roofers are documented, making it the seventh most dangerous construction profession and double the average risk of accidental fatality among all construction-related occupations. Around 50 roofers are killed annually, most of which are caused by falls.

Furthermore, when working on the project site, you run the danger of destroying customers’ property or ruining your own equipment. Additionally, if you have employees or engage subcontractors, you may face responsibility due to their activities.

Roofing contractor insurance is available in a variety of forms. The coverage you require is particular to your Florida roofing insurance business and whether or not you have employees or subcontractors working for you on a part-time or full-time basis. Roofers may only work a portion of the year in colder sections of the nation, dedicating the rest of the year to other types of work.

Some Points to Consider for Florida Roofers

Because your company is as unique as you are, the coverage you want for your portfolio of Florida roofing insurance products should be tailored to your specific requirements. Roofers should consider the following forms of business insurance:

  • General liability insurance. This covers claims for damages and injuries caused by errors or accidents when you or your staff are performing plumbing services.
  • Property insurance. This protects you against harm to your tools or equipment.
  • Income replacement insurance. This insurance kicks in and pays out if your company encounters a work stoppage, allowing you to stay in business and continue moving forward.

Other Types of Roofing Insurance to Consider

These are not the only forms of insurance you require. You should also seek more comprehensive, broader coverage to guarantee that you are entirely protected against financial catastrophe. For example, you may include:

  • BOP coverage. Business owner’s plans, or BOP policies, combine the several forms of Florida roofing insurance coverage into a single policy. There are frequently discounts available for combining coverage.
  • Insurance against general liability. This sort of insurance protects against third-party property damage and physical harm to persons who are not company employees.
  • Insurance for workers’ compensation. Employees are covered by worker’s compensation insurance if they are injured on the job, become ill, or die while on the job. There are state limits on worker’s compensation; company owners should check with the Florida state labor board to discover if they are required to obtain this insurance and the laws surrounding its acquisition.
  • Insurance for professional liability. If you consult with clients regularly or propose certain items to them, you should get this form of insurance. This insurance protects your company from legal liabilities if your recommendations or advice cause a loss or injury to a client.
  • Insurance for commercial vehicles. All Florida vehicles used in your roofing business, including cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, and trailers, should be insured by commercial vehicle insurance.
  • Insurance for product liability. Protect yourself from liabilities if you sell items as part of your roofing business.

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Roofers’ General Liability

A general liability insurance coverage for a roofing company typically has six components, which are as follows:

  • Coverage for bodily harm. This form of Florida roofing insurance coverage is crucial for paying the damages of persons who are physically wounded at your business or if an employee injures another non-employee on the project.
  • Coverage for commercial vehicles. This sort of coverage is similar to a personal auto policy, except it protects your company’s automobiles and other vehicles.
  • Injury insurance promotion. This form of coverage protects your Florida business from client claims resulting from services or items offered by your company.
  • Liability of an independent contractor. This coverage protects you from claims originating from the work of independent contractors you hire.
  • Coverage for medical expenses. This sort of coverage compensates for any medical bills incurred when someone is harmed on your business’s property, regardless of negligence.

Purchasing Roofing Insurance

To receive roofing insurance in Florida, always engage with a skilled and recognized Florida agent and firm. A knowledgeable Florida agent can help you understand the subtleties and complexity of Florida roofing insurance in general, as well as your individual needs, so you receive the correct coverage for your company.