What To Keep In Your Car In Case Of Emergency​

by | Apr 17, 2022 | Auto Safety

Car Necessities

Nobody expects their car to break down, but you want to be prepared if it does. We’ve all seen movies where someone’s car battery fails, or they run out of gas in the middle of nowhere and must trek to the next town.

I’d prefer to stay in the car and wait for help, but there are several things you can do to aid yourself in instances like these. One of the most important things every motorist can do is keep a well-stocked emergency kit in their vehicle.

While some situations may require assistance from a tow truck, having an emergency kit on hand may be useful in non-emergency situations. Take some time to look through your car and evaluate your equipment to determine what needs to be replenished. This guarantees you always have what you need, but you’ll know where everything is when you’re in a hurry.

The things listed below are some of the most popular and helpful items to have in your vehicle. While some of these items may seem obvious to have in your car, there may be others that you hadn’t considered and could’ve come in handy in the past.

Tire Repair

While a flat tire may be annoying depending on the time, place, and situation, if you have all of the essential tools, replacing it is a straightforward task that will get you out on the road in no time.

Keep a spare tire, jack, lug wrench, tire pressure gauge, reflective triangles, wheel chocks, and tire sealant in your car at all times. A couple of these components are already included in many automobiles when you purchase them.

Winter Vehicle Supplies
Your winter auto supplies may differ depending on where you live and the time of year. It might be beneficial to rotate your supplies periodically to preserve room in your car. If you live in an area where it snows in the winter, it is good to restock your winter supplies when the weather begins to cool and the risk of ice and snow increases.

An additional coat, traction aids such as cat litter, sand, or carpet scraps if you get stuck on ice, an ice scraper, comfy shoes, and a lighter should all be included in your winter automobile supplies. Suppose you are driving through the mountains or to areas with more snowfall, such as North Dakota, Michigan, or Colorado. In that case, it is a good idea to have a small snow shovel and some type of visible material, such as a red bandana, in case you slip into a snowbank.

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Kit for First Aid

Any car should have a first-aid kit. These materials can be utilized for anything from minor injuries to more serious injuries, as well as assisting other drivers who may have been involved in an accident. A flashlight, a multi-tool or small tool kit, non-perishable snacks such as granola bars or MREs, water bottles, printed maps, and a reflector blanket should be included in addition to a first aid kit. While it may appear that packing all of these supplies into your vehicle is unnecessary, you never know when they will come in helpful.

Vehicle Repair Supplies

Many of us rely extensively on our vehicles to go to and from various locations, such as work, road vacations, and errands. While it is critical to keep up with car maintenance, things sometimes happen, and you may want assistance.

Jumper cables, duct tape, a gas can, work gloves, a fire extinguisher, and car fluids such as additional oil, windshield wiper fluid, and coolant are all essentials to have in your vehicle.

Glove Box Supplies

Several small items are wonderful to have in your glove box or center console and are useful to have on hand whether you’re in an emergency or not. A phone charger, paper towels, a notebook and pen, a roll of quarters, plastic bags, and fabric tote bags should always be on hand. You never know when you will need these products, but you’ll be grateful you have them when they are.

Common Road Trip Issues

Road trips are a fun and exciting way for family and friends to explore and spend time away from the house. Unfortunately, road trips are more prone to car problems. Our vehicles travel long distances, placing strain on the vehicle mechanics, which places a strain on the passengers inside the vehicle. A well-stocked emergency pack can ease some of the issues that can arise during a road trip.

While we hope that most of the things in an emergency kit are never used, it is always a good idea to have them on hand just in case.